The fight against injustice

I am writing this letter before July 18th, and by the time it is published the caretakers of our colonial mentality would have again succeeded in preventing us from making even a small step towards the goal of determining our own destinies even in this age when self-determination is accepted as the most important principle in a democracy.

But how could an enslaved people regain their freedom and their ability to make choices, which would place them in the position to orchestrate their real will when their true self is still buried in colonial myth and constructed delusions.

The truth is, we are who we are because we have denied that our past is beyond that period of time when we were herded into churches and schools that rejected for us our true self and the meaning of our past.

How can some of those calling for enlightened political behaviour expect that we would now make intelligent choices when for so long we have had no choice at all when it came to liberating our minds and spirits.

How could the OMOV committee ask us to see the good of all as being the good of everyone when we have never been a community united by a common bond of friendship and humility? For we are still a community where pretend piety is more sacred that true love and sacrifice; and where prayers are like war drums uttered to scare away those we fear but have not meet nor given a chance to shine in their own individual shells. Condemning all that is new, that is different, that is not repentant and reliant on the pillars of colonial voodoo, we cross talk just to hear our own voices.

The voice of our people has long been silenced by our own self-doubt, or own unwillingness to access the facts of our colonised existence, even when our masters desire more freedom for us, and are compelled by international morality to explain to us the principle of self-determination.

Curse the UK, curse the concept of accountability and transparency if you must; but our masters will not come down among us and hold those that abuse our enslavement, even though they are the first cause of our enslavement.

Voluntary colonialism could never be a real socio-economic and political possibility since Africans did not volunteer to be slaves and their decedents did not in truth and in fact volunteer to remain ignorant of their past and the glorious future which is available to all truly free individuals. What do those of us who it is said have volunteered to stay on the plantation know of the freedom of intellect and soul which came to those others whom risked their lives to fight; to fight until the last drop of blood was taken from their bodies, so that others would have the freedom of mind necessary to demand the right of choice.

No free man would volunteer to be a prisoner in captivity where his dreams are mocked and ridiculed by puppet politicians that are no more that the silly beneficiaries of an out-dated and perverse system that is dead but refuses to be buried by those dependent upon its corpse for relevancy and meaning.

For it is now more than obvious that the United Kingdom will not be our saviour and come to the rescue of the most philosophically disenfranchised people in the Caribbean; because their neglect over the centuries is the reason for our impoverishment.

And unlike the Turks Islands we are and essential part of the economy of the city of London and they would prefer to see us dammed to hell than to have a disruption in the flow of money from here to over there.

But our real poverty and neglect comes from our own rejection of our own being.

The self that God gave us to be equal to our brothers and sisters of any race and any creed. This we should have knowledge of because all men were created equal and empowered by their creator with certain unalienable rights, among which is life, liberty and personal happiness.

So if this be so who should use our fear of ourselves to frighten us back unto the plantation as if death itself is not the only true liberation of the body and the soul?

I write in this manner because I am sad that the referendum failed but I am happy that there might now be those that can how realise that Cayman needs a full scale movement against the devaluation of the importance of social and political awareness.

I voted yes and I will always until the day I die vote yes to the advancement of our freedoms.

Let the Premier wallow in his self-righteousness and may his clean hands and pure heart continue to delude him into believing that his personal life mission has been accomplish by elevating his personal values to the point of becoming our national standards.


  1. It is sad that such a deluded viewpoint can be allowed so many column inches. There is so much that these islands and their people have to be proud of, especicially when compared with other Caribbean countries. The writer of the piece would be better off in other free Caribbean countries instead of trying to foment racism and other anti-social sentiments here. Try to stop being so unnecessarily bitter; you will create a richer life for yourself and those you seek to influence.