Power out island wide

Police urge motorists to take extra care


Power outage – motorists urged to take extra care

Officers are urging motorists and other road users to
take extra care this morning during the island-wide power blackout.

Drivers should slow down as they approach junctions and
be aware that traffic light signals are out.

Officers will be posted at major junctions in an attempt
to alleviate congestion. But people should allow extra time for their journey
this morning as they head for work.


Power has been out all over Grand Cayman since about 6.30 AM Wednesday. The Caymanian Compass is still awaiting word from CUC on the cause and when power will be restored.
Photo: Carol Winker


  1. Have tried to call the Compass office but have not been able to reach your staff. Do you have an update about the power being on? I am not able to also reach C.U.C. and so calling media offices was my next option as we are out in East End and there is no information coming through that is helpful to us and local families.