Red Stripe beer is Jamaica in a bottle

When you think of Jamaican beer, your mind inevitably conjures up a stubby brown bottle with beads of sweat running down its distinctive red stripe. Red Stripe beer is a familiar sight for anyone who has visited or lived in the Caribbean. Sunsets, sand and Red Stripe: it’s a dynamite combination.

This iconic beer started in a soda-pop factory in Kingston in 1928. Jamaicans Eugene Peter Desnoes and Thomas Hargreaves Geddes, who created the company Desnoes & Geddes in 1918, began brewing a golden lager that rapidly became popular throughout the island. It was the perfect complement to Caribbean food such as barbecued meats, spicy curries and spice-based dishes. Red Stripe and Jamaican staples like jerk cuisine were a match made in heaven.

As time passed the word spread about Red Stripe, and people that had visited the islands for pleasure or business began to look for it in their hometowns. Distributors in other countries began to carry it, and now it is a brand recognised worldwide for its unique look and taste.

Red Stripe has been a major sponsor of sports and music events over the years including cricket and the annual Reggae Sumfest held annually in Montego Bay. The original product has not changed since it was first created nearly a century ago, but Red Stripe Light was introduced to the market a number of years back, and now flavoured Red Stripe Light in Ginger, Lime and Apple can be found on the shelves. The classic remains the same, however. The recipe is untouched and the packaging is that same familiar brown bottle that seems to hold infinite great memories of time spent the Caribbean.

Cayman Distributors is the Cayman Islands’ representative for Red Stripe, so luckily no one here has to be deprived of one of their favourite happy hour beverages.

As it says in the Red Stripe advertisements; Hooray Beer!