Time for a midnight snack?

So the tequila has been flowing steadily throughout the night, perhaps you’ve enjoyed a few beers or a couple of glasses of wine and on the way home you’re looking for some food to soak up the alcohol. The frozen chips in your freezer just aren’t going to cut it and you’re after something a little more appetising.

Let’s be honest, no one has ever drunkenly craved a salad; and there’s a reason. Studies have shown that the consumption of alcohol enhances the taste of salt, which is why that gloriously cheesy pizza and tasty chicken wings taste so good.

Cheese and carbohydrates are a good source of amino acids, which will further slow the absorption of the alcohol kicking around in your system. So really, that extra large portion of cheesy chips and whole large pizza are not only necessary but good for you, right?

Now, where to go for your midnight feast? The choices are endless; it all depends on what you’re craving.

AL LA KEBAB is a favourite. They serve healthy and fast Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. Open Monday through Friday till 4am, Saturday till 3am and Sunday, 2am.

Try a tasty beef or lamb pita wrap with cool Tzatziki sauce. How about Asian beef tenderloin, chicken Tikka or pork Souvlaki? And for you vegetarians they have an array of options, including yummy hummus, heavenly babbaganush and flavoursome falafel fritters, not forgetting the staple; chips.

Not seeing anything on the menu that will relieve your craving? Not to worry, their menu is versatile and can be customised to your individual taste. Perfect.

But maybe it’s that rich, cheesy pizza you’ve got your heart set on? Well, GINO’S PIZZERIA is sure to satisfy. Located in the heart of Seven Mile Beach, you can drop in for a slice or, if those heels are getting a bit much, they will deliver to the surrounding area and George Town for free.

Open Sunday to Thursday till 11pm, Friday till 3.30am and Saturday, 1am. So if you’re yearning for an authentic New York style pizza, a tasty sub or delicious chicken wings, then this is the place for you.

PAPA JOHN’S is another pizza place that will most certainly hit the spot. Right on Seven Mile Beach, it offers delicious piping hot pizzas, buffalo wings, chicken strips and bread sticks.

You can order your meal for pick up or have your meal delivered to you for free.

Got the munchies? Try MUNCHIES. Located right beside Aqua Beach and Jet Nightclub, it couldn’t be any more convenient.

With tasty burgers and chips at low prices, this place is perfect for your late night hunger hankerings.

Food comes first

Everyone always says to make sure you eat a nice healthy meal before consuming alcohol. The food will absorb the alcohol and lessen its effects on you.

Yes, we know you want the alcohol to have some effect, but they’re right; spending the next two days in bed suffering from a hangover really isn’t a smart move.

For a pre-pub or club meal try KAROO in Camana Bay. Enjoy a crisp designer cocktail paired with a “Tapas/Small Plate” as a snack.

Open till 1am on weekdays and midnight over the weekend; this is the ideal place to enjoy some tasty food and a few drinks before moving on to your favourite bar or club.

Another excellent place for a pre-club or late night meal is XQ’S. The four main pillars of the menu are pizza, grill, pasta and salad; though the XQ’s crew is flexible to your desires.

From 11pm till 1am all their delicious pizzas are reduced to just $7 each!

Happy hour starts at 10pm and goes on until 1am so as well as some tantalising cuisine, enjoy some quality drinks at low prices. What more could you ask for?

So remember, to keep that hangover at bay, eat a good, healthy meal before drinking and don’t feel guilty about giving in to your feast cravings on the way home from the club – you know it’s the right thing to do.