Attraction Board goes viral

Cayman Islands’ The Tourism Attraction Board has gone social.

The board has unveiled its new website,, as part of a new digital marketing initiative for the agency and the four attractions and national festival it manages – the Queen Elizabeth 11 Botanic Park, Pedro St. James Castle, Hell, Cayman Craft Market and Pirates Week Festival.

The TAB has also established its Facebook and Twitter pages and links to YouTube, in keeping with its new marketing focus, which also emphasises social media outreach.

The website’s home page features iconic images of the four attractions and national festival and a photo gallery on the press room page highlights a wide range of scenes from each. The special features of the properties and festival are highlighted on the “attractions” page of the site, as are activities such as weddings and events, which have their own. The website also links to other Cayman travel sites including the Department of Tourism and Cayman Airways.

Anyone interested in general administrative information may also use the Freedom of Information page as well as a section that carries frequent asked questions and answers.

Chief Executive Officer of the Tourism Attraction Board Mr. Gilbert Connolly said the launch of the new website marks a new and exciting direction for the TAB.

“The travel trade industry and vacationing consumers are all using new technologies, websites, social media and social networks to plan their travels and to share their vacation experiences,” Mr. Connolly stated.

“We feel that the new website projects we have embarked on and the overall digital marketing strategy will help us to take advantage of trends such as these, while making available information of the land-based attractions available in the Cayman Islands. Further, this new focus will also enhance our ability to be interactive and always connected with those who would visit or have visited our attractions.”

In addition to the TAB’s website, Mr. Connolly noted that the websites for the Botanic Park and Pedro Castle will be revamped and new web pages created for Cayman Craft Market and for Hell.

The TAB’s new digital marketing strategy includes advertising on touch screens, which are in place at several hotels and condos along Seven Mile Beach and on LCD screens at the Owen Roberts International Airport.

The website was developed by Sage Communications. TAB’s Marketing Intern, Yentel McGaw, assisted with the social media part of the project.

Mr. Connolly said he was pleased to work with Sage Communications over the past few months to produce a final product that is attractive, user friendly and properly reflect its understanding of the TAB’s vision.


  1. They should not release this website, until it’s complete. The home page is OK, but it still looks dated and dull. And why is it now the singular (and grammatically incorrect) Tourism Attraction Board, instead of Attractions? Then it’s connected to the dreadful old web pages. When you click on the attractions, you get rather awful photos, silly hyperbole, and outdated info. The craft market just sends you back to the web host page.I appreciate that these pages will be updated, but the potential visitor doesn’t know that. Despite the headline this site has certainly not gone viral – nor will it..

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