Cayman’s budget gets worldwide attention

Compilation of international news stories on the proposed expat payroll tax

Why the Cayman Islands Is Considering Fiscal Suicide


In the case of the Cayman Islands, the “bad thing” is that
the government is proposing to levy an income tax, which would be akin to
committing fiscal suicide.

Cayman imposes payroll tax on non-nationals 

Jamaica Gleaner 

Premier McKeeva Bush was expected to mount a public meeting
last evening to further explain his government’s decision to impose a 10 per
cent payroll tax on non-nationals working in the Cayman Islands. The tax,
called a Com-munity Enhancement Fee, …

Expat Tax Proposal for Cayman Island Tax Haven 

Shelter Offshore 

Prior to 1966 when the Cayman Islands became a tax haven,
you’d have found the capital Georgetown to be a sleepy little backwater…but
with tax haven status came almost overnight sophistication. And today, with
more than 9000 mutual funds, 260 banks and …

Cayman’s new tax is a warning for Bermuda, says Richards 

Royal Gazette 

By Elizabeth Roberts Bermuda should heed what is happening
in the Cayman Islands, where the Government is being compelled by the UK to
raise taxes because of excessive debt. That was the message yesterday from
Shadow Finance Minister Bob Richards.

Caymans engulfed by expat tax debate 

International Adviser 

Long famous for – and in some cases, sought out for – its aversion
to the idea of taxes of any kind, the Cayman Islands is engulfed by a debate
over a new plan to tax foreigners living there. The debate was sparked last
week after Cayman prime minister …

Paradise lost for expats in the Caymans 

Daily Maverick

The Cayman Islands have for years been a popular destination
for South Africans working in financial services, attracted by its tax-free
status. Now the government has announced plans to impose a 10% payroll tax for
the first time.

Tax is the answer – even
in the Cayman Islands

Tax Research UK

I admit to quiet amusement at the news that the Cayman
Islands is planning to introduce its first ever income tax.


Daily Maverick