RBC launches accounting scholarship at ICCI

RBC Wealth Management launched a new scholarship this week to study accounting at the International College of the Cayman Islands aimed at developing local talent to pursue careers in the financial industry in Cayman.

Designed for an ambitious Caymanian student who needs to work while going to school, the full scholarship includes tuition, textbooks and related expenses as well as job placement at the RBC Wealth Management while studying at ICCI. Because wealth management can be complex, the strategy behind the scholarship was to help the student gain valuable experience while earning an accounting degree, said Deanna Bidwell, managing director and head of Wealth Management in the Caribbean,.

“RBC Wealth Management has a strong history of promoting education and career development for Caymanians,” Ms. Bidwell said. “This year, we wanted to leverage ICCI’s strong accounting programme to offer a scholarship that also offers a pathway to a career at RBC WM. We see this scholarship with ICCI as an opportunity to reach out to a wider range of talented Caymanians who because of family or employment obligations prefer to pursue their education on Island. It is a wonderful compliment to our current in house policy of training existing local employees for similar roles.”

The RBC WM scholarship is an opportunity for a student who is in the first or second year in college and is ready to start their advanced accounting level classes for a bachelor’s degree, explained ICCI President Tasha Ebanks Garcia. “Often, there are many high achieving students who are studying for their accounting degree, but they are not sure what their career options are after graduation,” Ms. Ebanks Garcia said. “With this in mind, RBC Wealth Management and ICCI took a thoughtful approach in creating a plan to help guide the student into a career with this scholarship.”

A key part of what ICCI has stood for is being accessible to all students who are academically-ready to earn an associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree, but who have limited financial means and may face work or family obligations that prevent them from attending an accredited university overseas, said Dean Scott Cummings. The RBC WM scholarship is significant as the unstable economy has made it difficult for some students to continue their education full-time and finish their degrees.

As a non-profit, private institution, the International College has made it a priority to offer affordable tuition to both Caymanians and residents and still maintain its international accreditation.

“This partnership enables ICCI to provide a first class education to a deserving student, and with the path to employment set out in the scholarship, it is precisely the type of award that benefits RBC, ICCI, and the broader community,” said Dean Cummings.

The ideal candidate for the RBC WM scholarship is a Caymanian student who is seeking a bachelor’s degree in accounting, demonstrates financial need and is committed to pursuing a career at RBC WM. The full scholarship at ICCI will be awarded for up to two years. 

The deadline for the application is 17 August and applicants are encouraged to contact Dean Cummings at [email protected] to seek further information.

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