Stand against tax

This won’t be like One Man One Vote

After this government ran itself in trouble with its joy ride spending spree and more bad ideas, it came up with a Cayman’s future death blow. Wake up and listen to the people that made Cayman the wonderful place we had to enjoy.

The reason I said ‘had’ is because this is not the nice Cayman I first came home and saw in 1977. From 1977 to 2002 this was the best place in the Caribbean to make money, the best place to invest, the best place to bank money, the best place to bring your whole family on vacation and the best for many more things I could mention as well as tax free.

But ever since we have had this two-party system, spending wasting and blaming each other and in the process making the people’s life harder and taking the Island down; now we hear about some stupid idea to tax the poor to balance the budget.

Well, this is the worst any member of government can try and do to a place that is known to the whole world as tax free.

This is one of our main aces; this is one of the main reasons we have the investors that came to Cayman in the first place to invest. Taxes are the thing that they are running from and will make them leave here.

We are having it hard now to even rent an apartment. Selling houses will be a no-no for real estate marketers. Many other people besides investors will leave us.

All leaders since the great Jim Bodden should hang your heads in shame, for you have failed our forefathers’ great vision for Cayman. Remember, each generation shall live better with love, unity, respect, honour, Godliness, with a good education always taking the best care of each other and these Islands that Almighty God gave us and that they should always be tax free and as tax free, the people shall be always free.

Emile S. Levy

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