Turtle Farm loss saddens

It is so sad to hear about so many turtles dying.

I was one of the taxi drivers and tour operators that was proud to take people to the old farm area and tell the sweet things about the farm. I watched it grow to where we were all so proud to take people there to the world’s No. 1 turtle farm.

But since politics and wasteful people got involved with the farm and they changed what really worked to the system it is now, the Turtle Farm has been losing money.

All the real love for the Turtle Farm by taxi drivers and tour operators has changed because of the stupid way the new turtle farm is being run.

The number of turtles will continue to decline.

As with all such gentle animals, you should always have a backup system. Look how close the sea is to the farm.

We need the Turtle Farm to make money and help feed Caymanians. We also would like to see the old farm helping the new farm.

Put this location back to work. I have stopped my tour operation, but I know that from the time this new turtle farm was built and the old one was shut down, the new farm does not make the money the old farm used to make and it will lose more with the present management.

It is a crying shame once more that 299 turtles died and Caymanians cannot eat those that died.

Think about the Turtle Farm having so many turtle that they can give to the people of these Islands who love turtle meat so much. This is something I wish would happen, but this will never happen.

We are all having it hard now and do not need anymore lost.

Emile S. Levy

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