Civil Service orientation held

A group of civil service recruits recently attended mandatory orientation training. The aim of this training was to help familiarise the recruits with organisational structure and legal principles which exist in the Cayman Islands government. 

The 32 participants ranged from the clerk of courts to other recent hires in areas such as sports, counselling and policing. 

The public service employees heard from officials including Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson and Chief Officer in the Portfolio of the Civil Service Gloria McField-Nixon.  

The lectures, discussions and video presentations covered areas such as employment law, performance management and training, as well as staff benefits. Attendees were also briefed on their obligations under laws governing anti-corruption, freedom of information, gender equality and the forthcoming Bill of Rights.  

Last month, 27 new employees attended the first orientation to be held in recent years. These sessions are taking place on a monthly basis. 

Balancing life between accounting and family life, Consie Williams joined the civil service to: “Take advantage of the opportunities to grow, the diverse job possibilities, and the strong focus on continuing education.” 

One of the newest cashiers to don the Customs Department uniform, she has spent the past six years in private-sector accounting, and welcomes the opportunity to share, and develop, her skills in the public service. 

Ms Williams’ plan for the future is to “take advantage of Civil Service College training, and to continue to continue to practice accounting within government, it doesn’t matter which section”. 

Michael Carey, who previously worked with the Cayman Islands Airports Authority as a technical operations analyst, defines his new position with the National Weather Service as a “very interesting opportunity”. 

orientation group

New recruits and senior officials outside the Government Administration Building in George Town.– Photo: Submitted


  1. Perhaps the article didn’t clarify, these are new civil servants within this calendar year before the hiring freeze. Wouldn’t the public want orientation for new civils servants so they can offer the best service possible. Every company has orientation, glad to see government finally doing it, which makes it a proper entity.

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