Take your dog to the spa

It’s spa time for your furry friends this weekend. Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts are organising another one of its Shampooch events, where volunteers will be giving pets a free makeover.  

It all takes place Sunday, 19 August at the Cayman Animal Hospital on Crewe Road in Grand Cayman. Shampooing starts at 8am and goes on until noon.  

Dogs will get a full bath, they will be de-wormed and given tick and flea treatment. They’ll even get a pedicure (AKA nail trim) if they want it.  

The idea behind the community dog washes, said Alana Julie of CARE, is to get to know the dogs in the neighbourhood and to talk to owners about the spaying and neutering programme. Animal overpopulation is a problem in the Cayman Islands and given that a dog can potentially give birth to a litter of 12 or 13 puppies several times in a year, this could lead to a population explosion. 

Spaying and neutering gets to the root of the problem, Ms Julie said, and CARE – which is a 100 per cent voluntary organisation – sponsors spaying and neutering, so pet owners need not incur any cost to have their pets fixed. CARE can make the necessary arrangements with the veterinarian and arrange transportation for the pets if owners are unable to do so.  

CARE depends on donations from the community and holds a number of fundraisers each year including bake sales, pub quizzes and the annual Paws for Wine dinner. 

dog bath

It’s bath time for the pooches. – Photo: file

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