Drumming a beat in a number of different styles

Professional drummers Randy Chollette and Eden Hurlston started drumming together a few years ago and formed the group ‘I Am … Percussion Ensemble’ in 2009. Damion Thaxter added his talents to the group in 2011. 

On Saturday, 18 August, the group will bring Camana Bay to life with an evening full of dancing, singing, storytelling and multi-instrumentation. 

The I Am… Drum Jam is free and open to the public. The music featured on the night will include African, Cuban and Caymanian rhythms; the group combines traditional styles with freestyle improvisation to create dynamic rhythms. 

“We’ve been having Drum Jam’s since the beginning of the year and they’ve grown faster than we ever expected. It happens monthly, generally on the 3rd Saturday, and we have an indoor space so it can happen even when there’s rain,” says Eden Hurlston, from OneWorld Entertainment. 

The group was formed to promote brotherhood, unity and cultural development through the integration of music. Members of the public are encouraged to join in at the Drum Jam with their own instruments and will be given pointers throughout the session.  

“We invite people to bring their own instruments or borrow from what we have there to jam along with us, dance, sing, share poetry and stories,” Eden says. 

Aspiring singer? There will be an open mic segment where members of the public can share original music as well as pre-scheduled special guests who share specific dance, songs and poems. 

“This Saturday’s Drum Jam features meditative music and wellness exercises led by professional music therapist, Julianne Parolisi and her team at Cayman Music.” Says Eden. 

The jamming will commence at 5.30pm at Gardenia Court and end at 7.30pm. The majority of the two hours is percussive performance, both arranged, traditional and freestyle. 

“It’s very inspiring, energising, organically creative and fun for kids from 1-104 years old who love to drum, dance and feel the beat!” Eden says. 

So bring your instrument if you’d like to jam, bring your voice if you want to sing, or simply listen and enjoy an evening full of rhythm and beats. 

drum circle

Fun was had by all during last month’s Drum Jam. – Photo: Submitted

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