FC camp returns to Annex

FC International are about to start their series of summer football camps.

The organisation starts its George Town session on Monday, 20 August. The T.E. McField Sports Centre (commonly called the Annex) is expected to serve as venue until Friday, 24 August, from 9am until 1pm each day.

FC International President Kennedy Ebanks encourages residents to come out and learn more than football.

“I would encourage parents to bring their kids to this totally free camp,” Ebanks said. “As in years past, the camp deals with more than just football as we, as an organisation, feel the youth are Cayman’s most precious asset. The best way to move forward as a country is to nurture them, however we can.

“I thank the parents who have been behind us and believed in us over the years. I thank everyone in Cayman for making these camps possible. Every year I like to pass on my support and blessing for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service and 2012 is no different. Police officers have taken part in camps like this and they serve a vital role by speaking to impressionable minds about issues like drugs and violence.”

The camp targets kids aged 6-16, teaching them football fundamentals while exposing them to guest speakers like Ronald Forbes, Renard Moxam and Lenny Hew. A new feature this year is the presence of musicians.

Camp registration can be done at the Annex. For more information, call Elbert McLean at 925-7296 or call FC International at 926-1993

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