Interim boat site satisfactory

The Interim docking facility provided for the boat operators at Safehaven is much better than we had and will offer even more protection for boat owners in general for the time being.

On behalf of the Caymanian Land & Sea Coop, and as a boat owner who operates out of Safehaven, I have been assisting the developer and his team for the past few weeks in preparing the Interim dock sites for use. The reason for this is because someone from the boat operators side had to consult with the developer’s team to let them know exactly what was required for us to be able to operate our business as usual once we move into the temporary sites.

I can assure all boat owners that everything we need to continue our operation is now in place. The following is a list of items that was requested of the developer and has been completed.

(1) Digging out shallow areas along the seawall. (2) The seawall itself has been boarded right around to protect our boats from damage. (3) Access to water hookup has been installed. (4) Bus paths have been created to help traffic flow in an orderly manner. (5) 100 feet of loading/offloading dock has been provided for the Coop’s boat operators to use. (6) Security fencing has been erected around the facility and (7) Security guards on patrol at the golf club will also patrol the temporary dock areas at night.

This extra security measure will be a big help to all boat owners as many of us have had our boats broken into and thousands of dollars worth of equipment has been stolen in the past.

Most importantly though, the letter of permission from the property owner enabling us to stay at the temporary dock until the new marina is built, has been examined by an attorney who is now confident that the content in this letter, gives us the protection we need by law. Most boat ops have began the transition over to the interim sites and have received their license of occupancy and assigned to their new mooring space.

Some boat ops are still not entirely happy with the situation but I would like to encourage them not to the join the same old band wagon of people who have their own agenda and who are only looking for your support in order to gain some kind of political leverage. Instead what we should be focusing on at this point is, negotiating with the Port Authority on what would be the cost to keep our boats at this new marina and other such important questions that I am sure we all have.

This new marina can only enhance our business and will allow us to offer a higher quality of service to our customers and this can only be seen as a good thing.

Shaun Ebanks

Watersports Operator

Deputy Chair, Caymanian Land & Sea Cooperative


  1. It was interesting to see major employers of ex pat workers, following your FOI request to Immigration.
    What I find extremely interesting is that if Fosters and The Security Centre were to replace there permit holders with Caymanians (after all the owners of these two companies are Caymanian) then the unemployment on Island would virtually disappear….
    Disparaging comments regarding Ex Pat Employers discriminating against Caymanians may well be justified, however a certain phrace about glass houses and throwing stones springs to mind.
    Of course the excuse will be that Fosters and The Security Centre cannot get Caymanians to work for them – at the wages they are offering. Instead, of course the Social Services (i.e. the Government i.e. all us tax payers (albeit import duty) will pay the unemployed by way of mortgages, rent, food stamps etc etc…. Soooooo why not Fosters, The Security Centre (and others) pay Caymanians 5 and hour and Social Services pay them an extra 5 an hour (making 10 an hour) – I am sure it will work out cheaper than the present costs….???
    Who am I kidding???? Of course it will never happen….

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