Gov’t faces 360-job reduction over five years

Heretofore unrevealed details of budget cut proposals for the Cayman Islands civil service were made public this week in a statement by Premier McKeeva Bush.

The statement was made Monday during the Legislative Assembly’s Finance Committee as a response to some recent press stories Mr. Bush took exception to; calling them “tragedies in reporting”.

Of far more import to government workers, however, were previously unknown details contained in the speech of plans to cut the civil service.

Those budget cutting plans, according to the Premier, included:

*A reduction in “headcount” of the civil service by 360 over the next five years. That averages out to about 72 jobs per year.

*A “pay freeze” on all civil service salaries

*Requirements that the civil service will refrain from filling “80 per cent of the posts that were budgeted in the 2012/13 fiscal year”.

*Implementation of a revised health plan for new civil servants. It was unclear from the statement if “new” civil servants included those whose contracts were being renewed.

*The continuation of a strict hiring moratorium in future years

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson had released some details of government budget cutting plans in a memo dated 20 August. However, Mr. Manderson’s statements did not go into the same level of detail, particularly as it relates to specific job numbers and a proposed “pay freeze’.

Mr. Manderson said that his office was still working out details of a voluntary separation scheme for civil servants and implementation of health care plans for new government workers.

The government had earlier announced plans that essentially amount to a pay cut for Caymanian civil servants over age 60 who stay on with the government for a contract period and receive a pension at the same time.

New police officers joining the RCIPS will be given a reduced housing allowance as well, Mr. Bush said.


  1. Not even close to what is required for sustainability. These folks in charge of government haven’t a clue how to run a business. None of these yahoos could survive in the private sector so they chose public life where it’s all about touchy-feely and no substance. Karma will kick you hard in the end. Low education equates to low leadership, plain and simple. Blame the voters because they like touch-feel and not substance.

  2. I really hope there is a committee formed of various members of the public, hopefully some who worked for govt at some point, to weed out those who should be released.

    The days of it na wha you know it who you know should be long over but unfortunately it still reigns heavily in the public sector.

    Those of us who worked in Govt before and are now in the private sector know full well that there are a lot of lazy workers in govt who believe that once you are in govt you can never be fired.

    A lot of the supervisors can’t even fill the role of junior staffers when they are out because they dont know the job they supervise from the bottom up.

    On top of this a lot of the processes in govt can be more streamlined to be more efficient and cost effective.

    There should be a period for private sector bosses to be govt bosses. Most workers would claim undue harrassment or quit.

    The money saved paying inefficient and always absent or late workers could be used to reward the depts that make our country safe and marketable i.e police, fire, hospital..these workers give everything and get very little in return.

    The criteria is probably quite easy to scale things down:-
    1. Who has taken more than their quota of sick or vacation days for the year?
    2. Who usually takes the day off as a sick day before their vacation starts or the day before a holiday?
    3. Who is normally more than 15 minutes late several times a week?
    4. Who refuses to be cross trained to better the efficientness of the department?
    5. Who is off work on extended leave (sometimes years) and is still collecting a paycheck?

    I could go on and on…..

  3. Cayman needs statesmen who lead from the front with principle and conviction, not politicians who lead from the rear consulting public opinion polls. Previous comment from Bethinking is spot on. This is the time to act boldly. Restructure government immediately, not over 5 years. It doesn’t mean these people are out of a job. Stop selling so many work permits and move government furloughed workers to the private sector. But understand this, you better want to work. The day of the cushy government job needs to end. Cayman cannot afford you any longer.

  4. How not to run a country 101 for dummies.
    During the good years the government got fat. During the lean years the government stayed fat. What part of lean escapes you and that 3.5 years later you have not done the right thing. An honest educated financial person could right this ship. The not so right people in charge clearly have an another agenda. Just look at the failed pier project. Lots to gain by not making that happen. A really good investigative reporter could connect all the dots.

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