Politicians ignoring Uncle Luke’s Pond

Letter to the Editor

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to enlighten your readers about a very important development. In April you published a letter from me, which you titled ‘What’s happening at Uncle Lukes’. A lot has happened since then. On the 2nd of May, approximately 200 holes were blasted outside of the lake on dry land. Since then, there have been 11 such blasts with each one becoming louder and stronger. Uncle Luke’s Pond has started to take the shape of a very large lake; there has been no digging done to make the lake deeper – only larger. 

During the One Man One Vote fiasco, I saw a TV ad by Charles Whittaker that said, “Why would you settle for one representative when you can have four?” At this time, I would gladly like to have one good representative to help with this problem than the four we have now who aren’t doing anything. They have been doing nothing about this problem, which is going to affect all of West Bay. 

We now see the first of many bridges that are planned, which will have canals from the North Sound, allowing boats to anchor in the lake. This will endanger everyone in the surrounding areas. Planning says they did not give permission for this work, but they might as well have, as they know about this and will not do anything to stop it. 

West Bayers, please wake up before it is too late. Our present representatives can only see dollar signs and don’t think about all the danger we are all in. 

I’m hoping that someone will do something about this soon. 


F.O. Jackson 

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