Woman scares off burglar by shouting

Second home invasion in GT this week

In the second home invasion to occur this week in Grand Cayman’s largest district, a woman reported that a man with a knife entered her apartment in the hours before dawn Thursday.

The break-in occurred at George Town Courts, off Eastern Avenue.

Police said the woman was awakened by “rumbling noises” in her bedroom where a burglar appeared to be rummaging through her drawers.

The woman said she shouted twice at the burglar, who fled after he was yelled at for the second time.

The suspect was described as being short, with a light complexion and a beard. He wore a green t-shirt, a yellow pants, and he had a white t-shirt on his head.

Items stolen were two Jamaican passports, one gold chain and one bracelet, according to police.

Police said the burglar did not threaten the victim; there was no physical contact between the burglar and the victim, and there were no physical injuries.

Monday fright

A George Town resident awoke just before midnight Monday to find an unknown man entering the bedroom.

Police said the suspect was armed with a knife and asked for cash, then searched the room – taking three wrist-watches, a tool kit and a bag that contained some bank cards.

The break-in happened on Spring Lane near Bodden Road, located between Eastern Avenue and the George Town waterfront.

Again, there was no physical contact with the victim and the suspect got away from the scene on foot, police said.

The suspect description in the Monday night burglary is entirely different to the one that happened Thursday morning.


  1. And it happened, because the burglar knew he could come and go as he pleases.

    Cayman, the safest place to do home invasions.

    Help yourself, is our motto.

  2. Based on bigberds previous comments, I guess its time to allow people to buy hand grenades and rocket launchers. We have locks and alarms to help with that. Lets all be vigilent and take precautions. Be smart and not only in Cayman. Do it everywhere.

  3. Yes, because lock and alarms will do it!

    Good thing the electricity never goes out, and no one has windows on their houses, which can be broken, and unlatched.

    Wheeeew. that’s a load of my mind.

    Alarms and locks. Now why didn’t the world think of that?!

    Infact, what is this home invasion they speak of. Obviously it never happens, because locks are so common place. It would be impossible for anyone to break into a home.


  4. bigberd

    There is an old saying which basically sums up your attitude to violence. I would not shoot an unarmed man so why am I trying to have an intelligent debate with you.

  5. I can’t help but wonder and agree that the gun law should be put in place. IT won’t stop it all together this is organized crime but at lease we can have some fun getting rid of bad guys, and protecting our family getting a dog is too expensive these days…

  6. In the second home invasion, one wonders how the burglar gained access to the woman’s apartment. Was it through an open door or window? Or was it a forced entry? This is important as in the past burglars have accessed buildings through unlocked or opened windows or doors.

    We can’t be overly security conscious these days, which will enable us to go the extra mile in taking every possible precaution to protect ourselves.

    This burglar is a knuckle head in that he took two passports which is of no value to him. The woman was saved because of her yelling. Thank God she wasn’t harmed. However, it could have resulted in injury if the thug had a different reaction before he fled the scene. Remember he was armed with a knife.

  7. Perhaps as big berd suggests we should try to shoot all the criminals. And I have little problem with his views on the pro-criminal laws we have.

    But this does not solve a more important problem.

    Many people, including me, first came to Cayman to live or vacation because it was almost crime free.

    What will happen to Cayman when people decide this is no longer a safe place to live in or visit?

    How can we get to the root cause and prevent the attitude that says it is OK to steal from someone if they have stuff you want?

    This is NOT a universal attitude. I am sure that 99.9% of Caymanians would not dream of holding someone up with a gun.

    But how do we prevent the other 0.1% want to do this?

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