537 new voters, so far

Registration drive continues until midnight 2 January

The voter registration drive that began last month with booths outside supermarkets has attracted 537 new electors, Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez said Thursday.

Subtracting voters known to be deceased or who have lost their right to vote by such reason as imprisonment, the net increase is 481.

Deputy Supervisor Colford Scott confirmed that the previous number of registered voters was 15,292 ; the new number as of the 1 October Register of Electors is 15,773.

The biggest increase, 204, was in George Town, where voter totals went from 5,997 to 6,201.

Next largest was in Bodden Town, where 186 new voters increased the total from 3,503 to 3,689.

The 67 new voters in West bay took the district’s total from 3,709 to 3,776.

There are 13 new voters in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, for a total of 948 on both Islands. There were nine new voters in North Side for a total of 569; and two new voters in East End for a total of 590.

The new Register of Voters will be in the public domain from 20 October. Mr. Scott said members of the public will have three weeks from that date to examine the list and file any claim or objection.

Mr. Gomez noted that of the 537 people who registered, 281 came to the Elections Office in the Smith Road Centre to do so. The other 256 have taken advantage of registration booths set up at supermarkets on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.

“We’re doing our best to encourage everyone who qualifies to get registered,” he said.

Wednesday, 2 January, is the absolute cut-off date for registration in order to be able to vote in the 22 May General Elections – “But don’t wait!” he urged.

Voter numbers were made available at a media briefing Thursday. Election officials used the occasion to announce the compilation of a Candidate’s Kit, which contains all pertinent laws, advisories and forms pertaining to the election. It is available, complete with a video, for $125, which covers production costs.


  1. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble. After all, these people are trying really hard. But you could have 100 or 1 billion voters. Who cares.

    You can take 100 random people, and ask them to vote. Right now.

    And the vote percentage will be exactly -5 Percent off from 20,000 votes.

    So really…does it really matter if they get an extra 500 voters. Seriously. Unless the race is so close, that it comes down to a few people. Which when does that really happen, very rarely if ever.

    Getting extra voters is pointless.

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