Second violent robbery attack

Two women targeted this week

For the second time in a week, there has been a report of an attack by a suspected robber on a woman that was walking alone through George Town.*

In the latest incident, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service said a woman, 24, was set upon by an attacker while she was walking between a location on Courts Road to the rear of the Lakeside Apartments on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway.

RCIPS Chief Inspector Frank Owens said the attack happened just before 6pm Wednesday.

He said the victim was approached by a knife-wielding suspect, who slashed the woman in the stomach, leg and left hand. The man then ran off, taking the woman’s groceries – which she was carrying – with him.

Police searched the area but did not immediately locate the suspect.

The woman’s injuries were not life-threatening and she was hospitalised for treatment Wednesday.

Anyone who has any information about the crime or the suspect is asked to contact RCIPS Sergeant Teekel Cowans at George Town Police Station at 949-4222. They can also call the RCIPS anonymous tip-line at 949-7777, or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).

Wednesday’s attack was preceded by an incident Friday night that occurred along the George Town waterfront.

In that incident, officers said the woman’s handbag was taken during the heist. The male suspect involved was carrying a machete, according to police.

The woman was taken to hospital with a wound to her hand and was later discharged, according to reports.

She was set upon in the vicinity of Rackam’s pub, police said.

Police said the robber was around 5’7″ tall and slim with a blue long-sleeved shirt, dark pants and a black baseball hat. An entirely different description from the one given of the suspect in the Wednesday evening attack.


Editor’s note: This story has been edited from the original for clarity.


  1. Why is this problem still happening for so long? I remember when crime was rare on Cayman. We would walk
    all the time but now I leave my jewerly home and carry no pocketbook or credit card and very little cash. We
    think twice about returning every year but we still return we love the island so and the local residents
    are very nice.Lets get more police out there and walking a beat all over the island. I’s a start.Maybe
    this will clear up the problem. Lord knows your police needs help.

  2. This confounded thug picked on this defenseless young woman to carry out such a violent crime.

    It is increasingly hard to understand why this depraved criminal didn’t just take the groceries without actually slashing his victim in the stomach, leg and hand. How disgraceful and wicked, to say the least.

    We hope he will be caught soon and prosecuted to the full extent of the law for his dastardly act.

  3. I agree that our Police need some help and like yeesterday!! They need to get out there and walk the beat, and not just driving around in the airconditioned cars.

    Legislators the law for us women to carry PEPPER SPRAY is long over due, push this one like the traffic ones recently.

    What’s going to happen when someone (woman) is killed on the street by this violent predator??

  4. Cayman is heading down a dark path, so no one can walk by themself anymore. A lot of people see this coming while some had their head in the sand. Its actually happening, some extreme measure needed and stop treating these people with kids glove.

  5. Does anyone know the actual self-defense law here in Cayman? I have heard different things from different people (including police officers). The website for Cayman law is down (hasn’t been working the last 1.5 years as I have looked).

    The consensus seems to be that if you defend yourself and hurt the criminal, pray that he is not Caymanian because you’re going to jail if he is no matter what he did to provoke your defense. As a martial arts expert I would really like to know what to tell my friends to do in potentially deadly situations like this in which running is not an option. If a Caymanian attacks you here do you simply have to put your fate in his hands or are you allowed to disarm with force? I’m getting fed up with these cowardly attacks and want to train people how to permanently maim this guy in case of attack if it’s legal.

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