Church hosts Singing Christmas Tree

The First Assembly of God, in conjunction with other churches around Grand Cayman, has started preparations on the Singing Christmas Tree spectacular planned this Christmas.  

More than 5,000 people attended the event last year and, according to organisers, it was labelled by many in the crowd as excellent, fulfilling and a roaring success. 

The church invites the community to again share in the event. 

Last year’s event saw performances from groups Cayman’s Men’s National Choir, youth choirs, churches, local skits and the 70 voice interdenominational choir filling the tree. This year, the singing tree will feature newcomers, such as Barbados Youth Synergy Worship Warfare Dancers, who are a group of teenagers and young adults in a fast-paced dance worship, Maschola Dancers and returning artists Paula Hinds, Reverend Ferdinand, Nicholls, Dennis Wilson and Jim Gordon. 

Pledge and sponsor sheets were handed out at First Assembly of God on Sunday as Pastor Torrance Bobb gave an update on the last production. Although the event was deemed a success, organisers fell in the red by $18,000, but according to Pastor Bobb, a kind donor has donated it back to the church. Expenses to host the event last year was more than $59,000. 

The family musical event, free to the public, will feature live singers encased in an artificial Christmas tree, 21-feet-tall and decorated and designed with an elaborate computer-controlled light show synchronised 
to music.  

The Singing Christmas Tree is the brainchild of Elsa Bobb to transform Christmas season celebrations in such a way to astound, delight, and enchant with wonderful Christmas cheer and carols. 

Sometimes called a Living Christmas Tree, the Singing Christmas Tree is an artificial Christmas tree filled with singers used as part of nativity plays. The tree is constructed of steel and wood and depending on its size, the tree may accompany between 30 to 450 singers.  

From a ministry point of view, it is an evangelistic theme geared to bringing families together in a family-oriented setting telling the good news of Jesus, while also promoting unity and harmony.  

Construction of the stage, measuring 60 feet by 40 feet and located in front of the church, will begin weeks before performances are scheduled to commence.  

Local engineers will be involved in the setting up of the stage.  

The tree will boast a shining, 6-foot star on top and could weigh as much as 16,000 pounds when filled with singers.  

The structure comes with the garland and decorations, cable and a control system for the lighting.  

In Barbados, the Singing Christmas Tree has developed into one of the attractions listed on the tourism website, and people attend the event from all 
over the world.  

Organisers are hoping it will become a tourist attraction in Cayman as well, as the production has the capacity to expand to drama through the use of dance, mime and children’s’ choir.  

Additional trees have the opportunity to make it a bigger and more magnificent show. 


The Singing Christmas Tree spectacular held at First Assembly of God, deemed a sucess last year, will return in 2012. – Photo: Submitted


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