‘Now and Then’ opens at National Gallery

The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands’ new temporary exhibition, “Now and Then”, opens to the public today, Friday, 12 October and will run for the next two months.

Inspired by the rapid changes the Cayman Islands have undergone in the space of a few short decades, this photographic exhibition illustrates the leap that Cayman, as a society, has made.

In this exhibition, past and present are merged in single images. Using old photographs from the National Archive and the Steinmetz Collection, and his own photographs of modern day Cayman, photographer Courtney Platt has superimposed new over old and old over new.

Past and current landmarks, buildings, events and generations of people blend together in this series of digitally re-mastered photographs.

A specialist in everything, Courtney is an accomplished photographer has worked on eight assignments for National Geographic in the past. Although he started taking photographs in the 1970s, he has ridden the wave of technology and today strives to remain on the leading edge of photographic hardware and software.

The exhibition uses photographs from National Archive collections by different photographers, dating back to the 1920s. The Steinmetz Collection was taken in 1950 by Joseph Janney Steinmetz, a world famous commercial photographer, who took a series of photos depicting life in Cayman in the 1950s.

Overall, the exhibition highlights the rapid growth and development of the Cayman Islands, but also reveals what has been lost.

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