Poetry, life are inextricably intertwined for Michel Powery

The geographical proximity of Cuba ought really to lead onto way more cultural exchange than occurs, which is why this month’s featured Floet has a special experience to share. 

Michel Powery writes in both his native tongue of Spanish as well as English and he has an intriguing angle on matters. 

“Literature has no language, it is the language itself no matter what is your mother tongue, cultural formation, geographical area of residence,” he tells us. 

You can see Michel performing Farewell above. It’s a piece inspired in the feelings of many immigrants and people who go away from home for any reason, he says. 

“How they let plans, dreams, families, friends just following hopes, opportunities to go forward in life. The mixture of sadness for leaving all those loved persons and the happiness to meet new ones. It is my intention to encourage all who can read it to be strong, to keep the mind as clear as water in fighting for make dreams come true, to help any other person in walking the most of the time long and hard way to go. 

“There is not sacrifice without a prize, it keeps me in the struggle for become what I have always wished even when the prize appears to be too late to come I just keep trying and doing my job,” he says. 

Michel’s writing has always been important to him and since moving to Cayman, he says that he’s started doing it more seriously. He finds inspiration all around in real life, he notes. 

“The real life of people is a very important ingredient for my literary work, the way things happen in black and white gives me motivations to write about them. The development of society as a big mass of similarities and as a world of special features, its relations with nature, with God and with the universe in general is an interesting theme to me and every single thing that could get my attention automatically becomes an inspiration source,” muses Michel, who has a collection of short stories and poems getting edited in Cuba for possible publication in 2013. 


Collaborations planned  

As for the connections between Cayman and our neighbours, there is a project in the works there, too – a collaboration of poems and pictures along with Cayman-based Cuban painter Yonier Powery. That book may be called Bridges, he says. 

“In this there will be poems in English and Spanish and his paintings about the topic. Its main objective is to build bridges, links between Cuba and Cayman Islands through art and culture. It is a debt we have to our ancestors, we have many reasons for needing carry this project out, we both have very close Caymanian connections. 

“We owe this and other oncoming projects to the heritage; to motivate others to find out their genealogy, because the best way to know where are we going to is to start knowing where we are coming from.” 

Lady Rabia Abdul-Hakim partners with Books & Books on this event, which is in celebration of the Big Draw KY. 

The evening will begin with a fun exercise intended to inspire creativity. Lady Rabia will present a collection of drawings and attendees will be challenged to write a short poem that incorporates their interpretation of each image. The floor will then be opened to individuals who wish to share their poems and after the readings there will be time for group discussion.

It is free as ever and begins at 7pm on Wednesday, 17 October at Books & Books, Camana Bay. 

michel powery

Michel Powery brings Cuba to Cayman. – Photo: Submitted

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