Ex-policeman jailed for wounding

Former police officer Rabe Welcome was sentenced on Friday to serve six months imprisonment following trial in June, when a jury found him guilty of wounding.

The incident that led to the charge occurred at the Red Bay “On the Run” gas station in the early hours of 17 June 2009, when Welcome was off duty. Suspended with pay since the incident in June 2009 that led to the charge, Welcome was terminated from the police force on his conviction.

Justice Alexander Henderson passed sentence late Friday. After Welcome was escorted to a police car, Defence Attorney Ben Tonner went to the Criminal Registry to give notice of appeal of both conviction and sentence.
Justice Henderson had adjourned sentencing for a social inquiry report and then again so that Crown Counsel Kenneth Ferguson and Mr. Tonner could submit any case precedents.

On Friday, Mr. Tonner urged the judge to impose a community-based sentence instead of imprisonment. He pointed out it was perfectly conceivable that Welcome would have to serve his sentence side by side with people he had arrested in the past, so the consequences for him were so much more severe.

He said Welcome had taken pride in serving his country, first as a customs officer from 1997 and then as a police officer from 2007. Now, at age 38, he had lost his career in public service. The incident had taken a toll on Welcome, his attorney added — so much so that he had sought counselling to deal with the stress and impact of what had happened.


  1. Do these people applying for police job under go any physiological examination, like in some other countries. OR do they just see how fast they can run and who they family are, how many more rouge cops and custom officers etc do we have out there just waiting to sap. At any one that has a higher IQ than them or they feel superior than you or because he or she have personal problems.

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