Gloomy weather outlook for Cayman

The appearance and strengthening of a large tropical wave in the central and eastern Caribbean Sea over the weekend will likely lead to some wet weather for Cayman in the days ahead.

According to Saturday afternoon reports from the National Weather Service, satellite images were showing a large area of showers stretching from the northern edge of South America all the way north to Hispanola. The system was becoming more organised throughout Saturday.

The weather service predicted a 60 per cent chance of the system becoming a tropical cyclone during the next 48 hours.

The wave is expected to form a tropical depression within the next few days as it moves slowly west through the central Caribbean Sea.

Forecast paths for the weather system were unclear. Several storm models showed it drifting slowly southwest into the southwestern Caribbean basin, then being pulled north directly over Jamaica sometime next week.

In any case, forecasts indicated that central and western Caribbean countries, including Jamaica, Cayman and Cuba could expect extended periods of heavy rain next week.



  1. If you are going to publish reports about possible Tropical Storms, which include computer graphics of the potential future path of the system, then you have the responsibility to update that graphic on a day to day basis – whether it is the weekend or a normal publishing day. The current WeatherUnderground computer prediction map shows a materially different story.

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