Open drawing classes for all, regardless of age

Parents and their children, teenagers and visitors of all ages are invited to take part in the Big Draw KY Open Doors at the National Gallery this Saturday, 20 October. The event is one of several being held throughout the month of October as part of the Big Draw, an international drawing festival that is celebrated in 23 countries. 

All art classes this Saturday are open to the public and free of charge, the idea being that whole families can participate and draw together – in more than one sense.  

Drawing is a powerful tool for learning, observation and creativity and this open day will provide parents with the chance to engage in an activity that is so important in children’s lives, explains Lady Rabia, one of the key organisers of the event.  

“This is the perfect family event, because although everyone can scribble or doodle, drawing is something that most children typically do alone. We want to provide families with a unique event to engage in a world that is so profoundly important to their children.  

“For children, drawing is not about art. For them, drawing is about communication. Images are a quicker, more accessible form of communication for children. Children use drawing to talk about their world, to invent new worlds, to express their emotions,” she says.  

It will also be an instructional day, of course, where participants can learn basic techniques such as shading that are used across all types of visual art.  

The open day runs from 9am to 5pm, with a number of different classes being held throughout the day. 

“It is vital that we engage children in the most basic form of communication, make art accessible to the youth with unique, affordable classes and involve families in the bounties drawing has to offer,” Lady Rabia says.  

The creative minds of the younger generation will become the designers, inventors and creators of the future.  

Encouraging and nurturing their creative talents is vital for the future of society. 

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