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The Big Draw KY will be all about bones on Monday, 22 October when the community is invited to join a Sketch Mob at 7pm for an eerie, after-hours, draw-in event, “Drawing Bones” by special arrangement with St. Matthew’s University. Big Draw KY Student Ambassador, and freelance medical illustrator, Sarah Wilson will give a short presentation on the importance of medical illustration before the sketch mob is released to the Hall for sketching. The perfect run-up to Halloween, a wide variety of bones will be arranged, providing a bizarre, first-hand opportunity to observe and sketch the anatomy of various creatures.

“Medical illustration is a combination of science and art and requires exceptional observational and artistic skills,” Big Draw KY Patron, Lady Rabia said.

“The power of a detailed drawing to quickly communicate a point in medical literature is priceless. We want to highlight important fields where drawing is highly regarded because many talented people are unaware of such unique careers in illustration, so we are delighted that St. Matthew’s University is hosting this unique event.”

The Big Draw KY is a community engagement project that promotes the importance of drawing for all ages and is part of the global Campaign for Drawing. This year the Cayman Islands became the 23rd country to join the global initiative.

Numerous Big Draw KY events are taking place during October, including those presented by the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, an official partner of the Big Draw KY. Each Wednesday night sketch mobs also descend on Karoo at Camana Bay. The Big Draw KY finale is also scheduled to take place at Camana Bay on Saturday, 3 November for the Make Your Mark event with a goal to have 2,000 participants make their mark on a huge ream of paper . The continuous drawing project will be photographed and showcased as a “scrolling panorama” on the Big Draw KY website.

Drawing Bones Event details: Monday, 22 Oct. 7pm, SMU, Leeward Bldg. 3, First Floor, Lecture Hall #1.

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You’re never too young to be creative.

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