Voter registration continues

Only four people filled out the voter registration application at Kirk Supermarket on Saturday, but Assistant Registering Officer Sharon Ebanks doesn’t think her time was wasted. 

“Everyone counts,” she said, “and a lot of people picked up forms or stopped to ask questions.”  

Kirk is just one business that has provided space for the Elections Office to set up a table every Saturday between 10am and 2pm and use store electricity to run a copy machine. 

Registering officers have committed themselves to staffing these mini-stations every Saturday through 1 December. Potential voters who find it difficult to get to the Elections Office during the week can enjoy the convenience of registering where they shop. Voters who are already registered do not need to register again, but if they need to change their address, name or occupation, they should fill out a form to amend their listing. 

The Saturday district stations are located as follows: West Bay, Foster’s Republix and at The Strand; George Town, Kirk’s, Foster’s Airport and Hurley’s; Bodden Town, Foster’s at Countryside Village; North Side, Chisholm’s; and East End at the United Church Hall; for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, the office of Ellen Lazzari at Brac Executive Services.  

Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez expressed his appreciation to the property owners and managers for their support of what he called “this worthy cause”.  

“The Elections Office wishes to thank the various establishments for allowing the registering officers to use their premises each Saturday for the ongoing elector registration drive,” he said. “It is through such co-operation that individuals who qualify can embrace the opportunity to exercise their democratic right at the polls by ensuring that they are registered.” 

A person applying for registration as an elector should bring a copy of his or her birth certificate. If the applicant was not born in the Cayman Islands, he or she should also submit a copy of the birth certificate of a parent or grandparent who was born in Cayman.  

If the applicant possesses Caymanian status, he or she should submit a birth certificate and a copy of the letter or certificate of status.  

The registering officer will make copies of the documents then and there, returning the originals to the applicant. 

Anyone who is not yet 18 on the day election writs are issued (12 December) but who will turn 18 on or before Election Day (22 May) may register if he or she is otherwise qualified. If an applicant born in Cayman needs a copy of a birth certificate, it can be obtained from the General Registry in the Citrus Grove Building for $10.  

Voter registration is also taking place at the Elections Office, second floor of the Smith Road Centre, Mondays through Fridays, 8.30am to 5pm. 

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