Two sent to Grand Court for courier robbery

Unlicensed firearm also alleged

Two men appeared on Tuesday in Summary Court in Grand Cayman in connection with the daylight robbery of a Sprint courier outside BritCay House on 4 October.

They are John Phillip Cohen Ebanks, 50, and Manual Ramirez Carter, 32, both of a West Bay address. Chief Magistrate Nova Hall transmitted the files of both men to the Grand Court.

They came into the dock separately. Ebanks was not represented. Attorney John Furniss represented Carter and told Chief Magistrate Nova Hall that his client denied the charges and would be applying for bail.

Crown Counsel Marilyn Brandt objected to bail and detailed the charges against the two men: robbery and possession of an unlicensed firearm. She said the courier was approached by a masked man who had alighted from a white Mitsubishi automobile. The man held a black gun and demanded that the victim hand over the courier bag he was carrying. The robber then ran back to the car, which sped off.

The bag contained CI$8,117 and US$593 in cash in addition to more than $190,000 in cheques.

It was not clear from the Crown’s summary which defendant was alleged to be the masked robber. She told the court that after a white Mitsubishi was found abandoned in a nearby neighbourhood, other items were also recovered in the vicinity, including a Bryco .38-calibre pistol and a wallet with Carter’s driving licence.

Mr. Furniss said Carter reported the loss of his licence to police on a date prior to the robbery. When he was interviewed he indicated that his wallet had been stolen. Ms Brandt told the court there was no report in the police system about the wallet and licence.

The attorney suggested electronic monitoring for Carter, pointing out that Grand Court trials were already being fixed for June and July of next year, “so we’re looking at a long time.”

The magistrate denied bail.

Ebanks did not directly apply for bail, but expressed concern for his elderly mother. He said there was someone with her during the day, but he had cared for her at night. The magistrate asked an officer present to contact the Department of Children and Family Services to check on Ebanks’ mother.

Ms Brandt asked that the men be kept in custody in separate facilities. She also requested separate return dates.

The magistrate noted that robbery is in the category of offences that must be transmitted to the Grand Court immediately. She set Ebanks’ return date for 2 November and Carter’s date for 9 November.

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