Get your ghoulies out and ready

It may have escaped your notice somehow, if you’ve been living in a hole underneath Mount Trashmore, but this week it’s Halloween – and in the words of the Dead Kennedys, you feel like dancing.

Whilst we can’t promise Jello and the boys will get back together to celebrate, what we can do is direct you, fine readers, toward a host of events which may or may not be themed around this strangely popular holiday.


So let’s build up the good vibes starting at Karma on Friday, 26 October. It’s free to get in and the hottest/sexiest costume wins a “massive bottle of Grey Goose” and the tunes are provided in the “haunted outdoor bar” by DJ Alexi.

Elements gets in on the act too with their Heroes vs Villains event from 10pm. Come as your favourite superhero or villain, exhorts the club. There’s a balloon drop, quizzes and spot prizes and free drinks. Not sure on the door tax like so you’re gonna have to ask ’em.

Also on Friday, if you’re not bothered about the ghosts but still want to down a few spirits, The Office Lounge is hosting a special celebration of 10 years that they’ve been involved with Pirates Week. Free to get in; there’s music from a load of DJs and live music comes from Lima Calbio, who as we all know plays in Byron Lee’s Dragonaires.

It says from 6pm, but as it’s a Friday the night can start earlier if ya want.Margaritaville, meanwhile has got their fourth Annual Haunted Ville Pre-Maskoween Party with DJ Papa Keith flying in from Miami. Selecta Renegaded and DJ Lin also bring the tunes, there are prizes to be hand and you get a free mask on entry, if you’ve not brought your own of course. Tickets are available at Margaritaville, Winners Circle Sport, Singh’s Roti Shop and J&M Electronics and are $10 in advance or $15 on the door.


Saturday, 27 October keeps the party going and at Karoo there’s the afterparty for the Zombie Apocalypse run, which you will read about elsewhere in this soon-to-be-obsolete transient paper publication. From 4pm go party at Camana Bay, dress up, listen to Alexi and ya know, do the Saturday thing in style. If you want.

If you don’t want, then Jet may be the one for you as Secret Saturdays Masquerade edition takes place from 8.30pm. Bottles of bubbly can be won for best masks and stuff, but please note that you must keep your eyes wide open, not wide shut. It’s not that kind of party. Also Tom Cruise probably won’t be there, so every cloud has a silver lining doesn’t it?


Halloween itself falls on a Wednesday this year. We know, because we just looked it up on a calendar. Can’t fool Weekender! And in honour of that weirdly active evening, Calico Jack’s has got a Full Moon Halloween Zombie Rave going on. Brooklyn Earick’s behind the decks and Ian from Artistic Integrity is on zombie make-up duty. By the end of the night, people will be stumbling around glassy-eyed and craving brain-based mystery meats, but that’s kinda normal and little to do with the occasion.

Royal Palms chips in with an Industry Chill-er, with music from Brooklyn Earick, who’s getting about a bit isn’t he? Shameless. Still, from 9pm to 1am it may be a good place to be. Or you might want to head to Elements where DJs Juice and Foxz are stealing Earick’s gig by spinning what the youngsters call “choons”. Entry is $5 for ladies and $10 for the lads and the night is billed as Dia De Las Muertos, or Day of the Dead if you prefer English to Spanish, which is a shame cause Spanish is a well sexy language isn’t it? Dios mio.

The final thing we’ve got in our inbox here is Liquid Wednesdays presenting Nightmare on Seven Mile Beach which warms up for $3 at Aqua Beach, which isn’t really on the beach but we’ll let them off. Then all parties decamp to Jet nightclub for frolics. DJ Ryan Linwood is on the decks here, which probably is making Brooklyn cry at another lost opportunity. Terrifying stuff. He probably won’t play Holiday in Cambodia for you, but you could always ask.


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