Not all junk is junk to be tossed

The Cayman Islands Red Cross Thrift Shop and JUNK Removal and Recycling have joined forces to recycle items dumped by their owners. 

JUNK, which removes trash from residential and commercial clients, has teamed with the local Red Cross chapter to ensure that goods that people throw away end up in the hands of people who might need and use them. 

“We decided to team up with the [Cayman Islands] Red Cross as we constantly found that a good deal of items from the removal jobs we did were still in very good condition,” said JUNK owner and manager Mark Conolly. “We figured we would help recycle by passing these items, such as furniture, appliances, and others, to the Thrift Shop rather than throwing it away and adding to the landfill.” 

The Cayman Islands Red Cross Thrift Shop serves as both a store and a community programme where vulnerable people who are assessed by the Red Cross or referred by partnering agencies are given access to the goods free of charge. 

“We are always in need of good quality items to meet the growing needs of our client base,” said Thrift Shop manager Remy Imperial. “We are very grateful that JUNK Removal and Recycling have been so proactive in partnering with us.”
JUNK Removal and Recycling is also helping the Thrift Store by alerting them if there are items to pick up. 

“Along with dropping the items off to us, Mr. Conolly also gets in touch with us so that we can also do pick up of donations,” Mrs. Imperial said. “We are always encouraging the public to use our donation pick-up service, which is free of cost to the donor.” 

The Cayman Islands Red Cross Thrift Shop is open Tuesday-Friday, 9am to 2pm and 5 to 7pm, and on Saturday from 7.30am to 1.30pm. Donations are accepted any time the Red Cross is open.  


For more information, e-mail [email protected] or call 949-6785, ext. 31. 

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