Editorial for 02 November: We will not ease up

Premier McKeeva Bush, fresh off his 2012 Asian tour, marched
into Vibe radio station on Wednesday afternoon and proceeded to blast the
Caymanian Compass for not speaking to anyone at the Cayman Turtle Farm before
running a story about the World Society for the Protection of Animals’ critical
report about that entity.

Apparently Mr. Bush hadn’t bothered to actually read the
particular article before complaining about it because if he had, he would have
known that not only did the Compass speak to the Turtle Farm officials before
publishing anything, it has included lengthy statements from the Turtle Farm’s
response in severals articles published on the subject.

It is nothing short of scandalous that the leader of the
Cayman Islands would make a blatantly false and defamatory public statement
about this newspaper with such seemingly authoritative impunity. He may think
himself above the rule of law, but in a free society such as ours, the truth
will prevail – and we will ensure that it does.

Perhaps Mr. Bush’s goal was to intimidate us into
submission. If anything, however, he has made us more determined than ever to
resist his bullying tactics, to continue to seek the truth and to publish what
we’ve learned.

More likely, Mr. Bush is just continuing his efforts, which
started almost immediately after his government’s announced-but-now-abandoned
‘expat tax’, to discredit this newspaper because we have published editorials
that disagree with or otherwise reflect negatively on him or the government.

Mr. Bush seems to think our approach is personal, but we
don’t subscribe to his “you’re-either-with-me-or-against-me” philosophy. Our
news stories merely attempt to inform people of matters of public interest and
we always try to tell as many sides of the story as possible.

With regard to our opinion-based editorials, we have in the
past – and will continue in the future – to support Mr. Bush and the government
when we agree with them and to criticise them when we don’t, whether Mr. Bush
or anyone else thinks we have standing to do so or not.



  1. Please stick to your guns on this and similar issues. Bush’s Bully Boy tactics have to be rejected at every opportunity when they represent an attempt to intimidate anybody, but particularly the media.

  2. Stick to your (metaphorical) guns, Mr Editor.
    The bullying character (as well as other nasty traits) of Mr Bush has been sadly a;; too clear since his first appearance in public life. Too late to hope for change or improvement, I fear.
    An interesting question is why do his political colleagues put up with it? What levers does he have which enable him to treat them like dumbclucks?

    Editor’s note: For clarity, we would like to note that the editor of the Caymanian Compass is a woman.

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