Online poll: Physical changes needed to make Harquail Bypass safer

Almost two-thirds of the respondents to last week’s online poll think the section of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway known as the Harquail Bypass should be changed physically – either by widening it a four-lane road or by putting in a median – to make it safer. 

Of the 582 total respondents, the largest segment – 255 people or 43.8 per cent – thought building a median was the best way of making it safer. 

“Also make it a four-lane highway, similar to how it is from Camana Bay going north,” said someone else. 

“Build some sort of barrier to prevent passing,” said another person. “There is no use in making it two lanes northbound … because at Camana Bay it will only get bottle-necked into one lane.” 

Another 123 people – 21.1 per cent – thought making it a four-lane road was the best way to make it safer. 

“The government should have thrown making it a four-lane road into the Dart negotiations, especially since Dart will get ownership of the dump lands as part of the deal,” said one person. 

“If they don’t have enough money to expand it to four lanes, then they should put a median in there to prevent passing,” said someone else. 

“Make it a four-lane highway, put a median in and put speeding cameras up on light poles,” commented one person 

“Perhaps build a median between the northbound and southbound lanes until government can afford the four-lane highway, which I believe they have actually planned on doing,” said another respondent. 

Just better enforcement of drink driving and the speed limit was what 117 people – 20.1 per cent – thought were the best ways of making the stretch of road safer, and 69 people – 11.9 per cent – said making it a no-passing zone was the way to go. 

“For now, make it a no-passing zone,” said one person. “This section was designed for future expansion to a four-lane highway. Now we just need another $20 million to finish this section.”  

“Make it a no-passing zone, but fine drivers who drive too slow,” said someone else. 

“While not a panacea, this is a no-brainer to not permit overtaking,” said another respondent. “This would also give the police an effective enforcement power and a deterrent to those motorists with reckless disregard to other road users.” 

Eighteen people – 3.1 per cent – responded “other” to the question. 

Erecting speed cameras were suggested by a couple of people and “all of the above” by several more. 

“There is nothing at all wrong with the Harquail Bypass,” said someone else. “It’s just as safe as any other road. The problem is the senseless drivers who use it. It’s the attitude of the offending driver. I have never heard of a two- or three-car accident where all drivers were at fault – it has to be one of them who caused it. I don’t care what you do to that road, an immature and irresponsible driver will do something contrary to good driving habits.” 

“Above all, enforce the laws,” said one respondent. “There should be a policeman always posted there with a radar gun, actually writing tickets.” 


Next week’s poll question 

What to you think should be done with the Cayman Turtle Farm? 

No changes at all; it’s part of Cayman’s culture. 

Keep it but stop slaughtering turtles for meat. 

Close the tourist attraction part but keep farming turtles for meat. 

Close the whole thing, release the turtles and sell the land. 

Other (write in comments).


  1. Roads dont kill people, cars dont kill people, its the idiots behind the wheel that kill people; if they cant pass an IQ test along with the written driving exam then disqualify them from driving and our roads will be safer.

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