Walk for Hannah

Hannah and her family need your help.

In July this year, Hannah was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour, anaplastic medulloblastoma. She is also autistic. Hannah turned 5 in September.

She has had surgery to remove the tumour and now faces six months of intensive chemotherapy, which she will undergo in Houston, Texas.

Although she is up on her feet again, Hannah is unstable, cannot run and her left side has been affected. She will require extensive occupational therapy, which is not covered on her insurance policy, and physical therapy, which has limited coverage, to improve her physical function.

The radiation she has been treated with will result in cognitive deficits and will also cause endochronological issues, which will probably require hormone treatment in the future. The chemotherapy will also damage her hearing, although how extensive this will be is not yet known.

In one of their “Acts of Random Kindness”, local charity ARK has teamed up with friends of Hannah to organise a fundraising walk this Saturday, 3 November.

Participants are encouraged to seek sponsorship and proceeds will help her family with the costs of flights, accommodation in Houston, hospital bills and the ongoing therapy that Hannah will need.

The walk takes place in and around Camana Bay, starting at 7am from Market Street. Adults are asked to raise a minimum of $25 and children $15. Participants can either complete one 2.5 kilometre lap, or two. Children and dogs are encouraged to take part and water and refreshments will be provided.

Registration forms are available on www.caymansark.com and www.caymanactive.com

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