Trailer fire closes Elgin Avenue

Update: As of 10am, the trailer had been cleared and police
had reopened Elgin Avenue to traffic.

Elgin Avenue is closed to traffic after a cargo trailer caught fire in the road near the entrance to Cricket Square this morning.

After receiving an emergency call at 7.18am, three fire engines responded to the blaze, which consumed a trailer bearing the logo of a local landscaping company.

Firefighters doused the burning trailer, its contents and nearby pavement with water and fire retardant foam, as passersby looked on.

The Cayman Islands Fire Service had the fire under control by 7.45am, and is now investigating the cause of the fire. Elgin Avenue remains closed pending a National Roads Authority assessment and police decision.


  1. Why is there a firefighter not equipped Fire Protection gear?? This might just be a small fire but isn’t this a breach of safety protocol?

  2. What the picture doesn’t show is the pedestrian who was helping the firemen 5 minutes earlier (without protective gear). He helped one firefighter get his helmet on, ran hoses and even did a bit of firefighting himself. Brave man.

  3. @Logic wow thank you for the information, that is something I didn’t know at all, to me it just looked like it was just a regular firefighter without his equipment.

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