Watercraft association credits government for Goff’s title

Local government had a big role to play in Cayman producing two jet ski world champions in two years.

The Cayman Islands Watercraft Association, under President George ‘Lulu’ Smith, would like to make it clear to the public that from its inception back in 2009, it has received support and sponsorship from the past and present government and that support has continued up until now.

Roshad Goff, 25, became the latest champion after the 2012 International Jet Sport Boating Association World Finals in Lake Havasu, Arizona. The West Bay native placed first overall in the Amateur Stock class and fourth in the Pro Stock division.

Goff is the second Caymanian to earn a world title, following Jordan ‘JJ’ McLean’s historic effort in 2011. Interestingly, Goff also competed last year, placing sixth in the Expert Open category. McLean, 23, was honoured by government last December as a sports hero.

Goff stated that the amount of funding to organisations should be based on results. He went on to say organisations that fund associations, like the watercraft group, should base the amount of funds given on results. That, in return, would demand more from the competitors and associations, who would produce better athletes.

On the other hand, Goff also stated that if it was not for the support and assistance from government, he would not have been able to participate in this year’s world championships.

Goff, the son of Gwendalee and Richard Goff, was joined in Arizona by McLean, Javier Medina, Gary ‘GJ’ Whittaker and Vanjae ‘VJ’ Ramgeet. Most of the riders excelled in the watercraft association’s 2012 national championship series.

The watercraft association would like to take this opportunity to thank the following persons and organisations for making this all possible: the Cayman Islands Government, the Ministry of Finance, Tourism and Development, the Ministry of Health, Environment, Youth, Sports and Culture, Hon. Premier McKeeva Bush, Hon. Mark Scotland, Hon. Deputy Speaker Cline Glidden, Shomari Scott, Strand Bodden, Joel Francis, Maxine Bodden, Roald Dougall, The Grand Caymanian Beach Resort and Cayman Screen Print.

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