Avast! Ye pirates have landed!

Pirates Week Landing a colourful success

They came, they saw, they pirated as the landing pageant and float parade got under way in good spirits for Pirates Week 2012.

Despite indications that weather may have stopped the landing, by 4pm on Saturday Hog Sty Bay was inundated with all manner of scurvy dogs who first were captured by brave redcoats only to come back and capture the faux-governor from the steps of the National Museum.

Explosions, smoke and plenty of pageantry was the order of the day as thousands lined the Harbour Drive area to cheer on the festivities.

Notable pre-landing entertainment included some very skilful break dancers and the spectacular Red Bull cliff divers, who jumped out of a helicopter some 200 feet above the water, diving into the azure as if it were merely a swimming pool diving board away. As MC and Pirates Week director said, it had only been done three times previously, this being a first of sorts for the Caribbean.

There was also a demonstration of a water jetpac, the rider of which soared over the clear seas in a space-age get-up.

The crowd swelled even more as the float parade began, showcasing the ingenuity and colourful nature of Cayman folk as Cayman’s National Festival began with some style.


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