Florida trip really helped

Local boxers Kendall Ebanks and Tafari Ebanks, along with coach Norman Wilson, went to Miami, Florida last month to train, fight and raise the profile of Cayman Islands boxing.

They trained diligently in Miami for around three weeks where morning workouts included running, shadow boxing and drills to work on techniques and strategies. In the afternoons they trained at various gyms, sparring with top fighters around the city.

They both fought on the 20 October in the Tarpon Classic Championship in Punta Gorda, Florida.

Tafari fought Daniel Qurroz from Ft. Myers. Kendall fought David Rodriguez. Tafari won with a third round knock out while Kendall lost in a close 3-2 decision.

Both boxers fought again last Friday in the South Florida Boxing Classic, Fort Lauderdale and both were victorious.

The final fights were in a PAL Regional Tournament on Saturday and Sunday in Fort Pierce, Florida where Kendall fought Jovan Perez for the semi-finals and Tafari reached the final rounds. Both fighters received runner-up medals.

Both boxers fought extremely well, with great skill and pride they represented their country with pride. Coach Wilson said: “Both fighters trained so hard and were aggressive throughout their fights.

“Both learned a lot, taking direction and improving in each of their fights and they came home with some beautiful trophies.”

Terence Spencer, president of the Cayman Islands Amateur Boxing Association said: “The Boxing Association is absolutely proud of Kendall and Tafari Ebanks on their accomplishments in Florida.

“Through their intense training regimen administered by our coaching staff, they have elevated their overall talent and ability to compete against the best boxers in the world and we will continue to strive to have one of the elite programmes in the world.

“Our overall goal is to medal in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016 and deliver the Cayman Islands its first ever gold medal. This tournament has been a giant leap in our journey towards that goal.”

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