Lights, camera, action for students

More than 35 students are now armed with the knowledge to make their own video documentaries. 

The students took part in a documentary-making workshop on Saturday, 27 October, learning the tools of the trade from video engineers Wintroy and Wayneroy Randall. 

The workshop – organised by the New Self-Help Community Foundation in partnership with AV Solutions and the Ministry of Health, Environment, Youth, Sports and Culture – was held at the George Town Primary School hall and covered every element of video documentaries, from the idea stage to the completed programme. 

The video documentary workshop was the first arranged by the New Self-Help Community Foundation, a nonprofit organisation which aims to help teenaged youth develop a sense of self-worth, independence and community spirit.  

As part of their Project 2012 programme, the foundation is offering a series of training and experience in the arts, including video-documentary production, songwriting, poetry, photography and drama, outlining the support young people need in order to be successful. 

“The foundation is elated by the response from young people as the main aim of the Foundations work is to get results through learning and creativity, while working with groups and individuals to see the potential in their fields of interest and to establish career pathways and personal life development,” said JC Connor, chief executive officer of the New Self Help Community Foundation. 


For more information on this and any of the foundation’s events and activities call 927-4777. 

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