Cayman Thanksgiving upon us

This year’s Cayman Thanksgiving is fast approaching, as the weekend of 30 November to 2 December is the time Caymanians come together to celebrate their culture and give thanks for the passage of another hurricane season.

Now in its second official year of celebration, the annual observance has been embraced by the community in the Cayman Islands, who have welcomed the embellishment of their culture and its promotion.

As part of the Cayman Thanksgiving, a Homecoming Concert is held, featuring some of the feature acts in Cayman. The event takes place on 30 November and serves as the kickoff for the rest of the weekend. It is a family event, where residents and visitors may enjoy the tastes, sights and sounds of the Cayman Islands.

The next event on the Cayman Thanksgiving is the Market at the Grounds, which takes place at the Stacy Watler Pavilion on 1 December. The Caymanian Compass spoke with Adminsistrative Coordinator for Market at the Grounds Kerry Forbes, who told us more about what to expect from this year’s bonanza.

“This time of year has traditionally been harvest time and we come together to take stalk. For the Market at the Grounds 2012 we are featuring pumpkins, conch and breadfruit in addition to showcasing the skills of some of our very own culinary experts,” she said.

The Market at the Grounds will start at 7am, with entertainment beginning at 9am, featuring musician JR Douglas, quadrille dancers and story telling.

Cooking demos will be held at AL Thompson between 19 and 24 November. These include turtle meat, local style beef, pumpkin, heavy cake, tamarind juice, pumpkin punch and swanky, leading up to the Market at the Grounds event. The event serves as a place to source all of the fresh, locally-grown produce needed to prepare the Thanksgiving meal that is the highlight of the weekend. This is a time for Caymanians to invite family, other residents and non-Caymanians to have a traditional Caymanian meal.

On 2 December, the Charity Begins at Home component of the Cayman Thanksgiving and takes place throughout the day. The philosophy of Charity Begins at Home is that individual homes and participating restaurants come together in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

This year, the focus of Charity Begins at Home is to collect unused hurricane food supplies and donate them to Meals on Wheels.

Service clubs and other charitable organisations are encouraged to take the opportunity to coordinate a charitable project.

“There will be tremendous social capital released into our community if everyone performs at least on random act of kindness,” read a statement from the Homecoming committee.


  1. I read with great interest and delight this informative article on Cayman Thanksgiving. Those responsible for creating and establishing such a wonderful occasion deserves many kudos. I salute them.

    It is especially good to note that it is not just a one day affair, but rather several meaningful events occurring over a 3-day period.

    Go for it Cayman – take the time to celebrate your heritage and culture and give thanks to God for blessings and mercies. And, as noted, special thanks that another hurricane season has past without a direct hit to the islands.

    God bless one and all and happy Thanksgiving when it comes.

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