Editorial for 21 November: Intolerance by any other name

As we said in our editorial of Monday, 19 November, this
newspaper expected some heat from the stance we were taking on the Bodden Town
waste management facility proposal.

However, we were still surprised at the vitriolic response
we received, which can be found elsewhere on this page, from the Coalition to
Keep Bodden Town Dump Free. We have endeavoured to publish the entire letter
but were forced to delete some of the personal attacks on the editor of the
newspaper before doing so. 

It is more than a little disappointing to find the Bodden
Town group, particularly respectable folk like Alan Beiner, Gregg Anderson, and
former Minister Charles Clifford asking the Caymanian Compass to “retract” an

These gents are free to disagree with anything we write in a
news article or an opinion piece, but they should realise – particularly those
with political aspirations in the next election – that just because they
disagree doesn’t mean they have the right to try and shut this or any
publication up via thinly veiled intimidation attempts. This tactic is
particularly rich coming from a group that has often accused Dart and the
ruling government of doing the exact same thing.

We believe in free speech and freedom of expression,
sometimes printing letters in the newspaper and comments on our website –
www.caycompass.com – that we know will raise hackles and offend people. We hope
the members of the Bodden Town Coalition, particularly Mr. Clifford, who should
know better due to his former position in government, feel the same commitment
to freedom of speech and the free press.

This newspaper is under no obligation to follow the Bodden
Town group, or anyone else’s, views on any particular subject. We still believe
that relocating the waste management facility would be in the best interests of
this country. If you don’t feel the same, please send letters and comments to
the Compass and tell us why. Democratic politics is simply finding solutions to
public issues through debate. We hope all sides of any debate in this country
will someday feel free to express their views without worrying about getting
shouted down.



  1. Again I support the editorial position on the relocation of the waste managment facility if mandatory recycling and professional management techniques are applied to the operation of the facility. A 10 year management contract with Dart or some professional waste managment company to train Caymanians would be necessary.
    The tactics of negativity and intimidation of any would be politician toward an editorial they disagreed with should not be ignored by the voters, this is a red flag for sure.

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