Barefoot, Andy album amuses

Barefoot Man and Andy Martin’s latest album, You Had to be There, has been released. The 35-year partnershp continues, they say, with a healthy dose of wit and satire. 

“There’s just too much fun stuff happening on the Island, we could produce a satire album every year. What Rundown does in theatre, we do in song,” says Barefoot. 

Most of the songs assembled on the new CD were released only as a single for radio stations, yet never to the public. 

“Often there is just not enough time to release a new ridicule song on CD form,” says Andy. 

“With a parody or satire timing is everything, [For example] the tune Northward Prison Blues will not mean as much today as it did in 1999 following the Prison Riots. “ 

One of the newer cuts on the album is called Edd’s Place, a tune of course about Cayman Brac’s most popular bar and hangout. 

The song has been getting heavy airplay on Rooster and Radio Cayman. 

Other subjects include the missing helicopter, former UCCI President Hassan Syed, the Rollover hullabaloo, bounty on chickens and recently, the discovery of ganja in the prison director’s office. 

A special bonus on the new CD comes in the form of a few never before released ballads by Andy Martin, not necessarily satire cuts but more in the line of Andy’s classic traditional country style complete with steel guitar and fiddle.  

“Not everyone thinks our tunes are funny, admits Barefoot, “Specially the people we target for our songs like the prison, MLA’s and the governor. Well, all I can say to that is turn off your radio or behave yourself.” 


The CD is now available in local shops or call Andy direct for free delivery on 927-6847. 

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