Cayman Airways rescues stranded passengers

When a party from Island Taste found themselves stranded in Honduras, the national flag carrier of the Cayman Islands came to the rescue.

Ken Thompson of the company explained that Cayman Airways “went above and beyond normal service” in waiting for the party, which was returning from a charity trip.

“We were late due to the weather as our plane had to land in Roatan as the airport in La Cieba was closed. We could not leave out of Roatan then as the weather got bad there and cleared up in La Cieba.

“Cayman Airways had landed and boarded to return to Cayman. The captain, Tim Grizzle, saw us coming off our plane when he was boarding to leave and he went back inside to let the counter know they were going to wait on us,” Mr. Thompson said.

The group of 14 people would otherwise have had to stay for several days to wait for a flight, he added.

“We had gone to Graham’s Place in Guanaja for their international fishing tournament. We had a great time there while supporting them to raise money for a health clinic for Guanaja. Cayman Airways finished off our trip by waiting on us without us even asking.

“We are all proud of our airline and will continue to support our national flag carrier, not just because it is our airline but because of the service and the people. We would like to publicly thank Tim and his entire crew, the counter staff in La Cieba and Cayman Airways in general for this service as we greatly appreciated it,” Mr. Thompson said.

He said that the group also wanted to thank the passengers on board for having patience.

“We we know they must have been somewhat perturbed about the wait,” Mr. Thompson said.

Aside from Mr. Thompson, the group comprised Lewie Ceato Hydes, Dalkeith Bothwell, Kenneth Hurlstone, Donald Thompson, Charles Bush, Annette Stalmach, Sophie Morin, Charles Ebanks, Juan Garcia, Sandy Bush, Pamela Nortan, Scott McTaggart and Clayton Ebanks.
“We want to say thanks as much as possible and let them know we will continue to fly Cayman Airways,” Mr. Thompson said.


  1. Whilst there are many things broken at CAL and with it’s financial situation, it’s stories like this that prove the worth of having a national airline, where, Everybody knows your name so to speak….you can bet this would not have have happened on any other airline with any other crew..Kudos Captain Grizzel.

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