Morgan’s bite muted Barker

Down to the seventh week of the TeleCayman Team Squash League and with only one more night for teams to acquire some valuable points before the final night this week, teams were out with game faces on.

The league has been running every Thursday at the South Sound Squash Club since last month and finishes this week so anyone in the neighbourhood should pop in and watch some great squash.

This Thursday are the playoffs and based on the final tally of points the schedule for final play will be:

(1) Aon United v (2) Sotheby’s Squashers – for the TeleCayman Team Cup

(3) The Security Centre Sheriffs v (4) KPMG Pumpkin Squash

(5) Walkers Wanderers v (6) Digicel Diehards

(7) KPMG Gem Squash v (8) Squash 20/20

The top match for week seven was the only five setter of the evening between Craig Morgan of KPMG Gem Squash and Andrew Barker from the Walkers Wanderers.

A game is won with the first person reaching eleven points, however if the score is tied at ten then a player must win by two points.

Although this match did not end in extra points it was close right up to the end, however it was Morgan who had the final and winning shot. A long match for both players, however Morgan took the match for KPMG Gem Squash 3-2 over Barker and the Walkers Wanderers (8/11, 11/8, 3/11, 11/4, 11/9).

The second match of the TeleCayman’s top two matches went to Squash 20/20’s substitute player and new to the Island, Neil Stone-Wiggs against Steve Gilbert from KPMG Pumpkin Squash.

Both strong A-players we can probably say a friendly rivalry has begun as both are fit and experienced. Stone-Wiggs started strongly with his left-hand deception and took the first two games. Gilbert fought back with his hard-hitting style and won the third game but Stone-Wiggs got the upper hand and battled out to win the fourth and the overall match. Stone-Wiggs took the win for Squash 20/20 over Steve Gilbert and KPMG Pumpkin Squash 3-1 
(11/8, 11/7, 5/11, 11/9).

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