Truck runs into building

A truck carrying gravel smashed into a building in the Tall Tree area of Savannah on Monday afternoon. 

The driver of the truck and the driver of a second vehicle were both injured in the crash at the junction of Pedro Castle Road and Shamrock Road in Grand Cayman. 

The crash happened around 4.30pm, after which police blocked off the main road so crews could clear the area. 

The truck ploughed through the wall of LC Plumbing store, which opened in August and still carries its “Now Open” sign. The store was open when the truck smashed into it, but no one inside the store was injured.  

Store owner Lenox Codlyn said a contractor would come Tuesday to inspect the building to determine if it is safe to continue occupying the site. 

“There’s a lot of damage,” Mr. Codlyn said. “Lots of the fittings were flying all about the place. We were moving things around this morning and a couple of bricks fell down, so now we’re going to wait and see what the contractor says.” 

He said the driver of the second car was coming to the store to pick up some plumbing equipment when the accident happened. 


The truck smashed into the building and overturned, spilling its load of gravel. – PHOTO: JEWEL LEVY

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