Flu season again

Even in the warm Caribbean, colds and flu symptoms this time of year increase. Many people believe returning seasonal residents and tourists to our shores are a factor in this yearly phenomenon, bringing down winter germs from chilly locales.

The spread of colds throughout the Cayman Islands may also be related to our friendly habit of hugging people upon greeting. Do your friends a favour and don’t hug if you are feeling flu-like.

Colds are also spread throughout the corporate world by workaholics and exemplary employees who do not know when to stay home – spreading the dreaded cold through offices. Proper hand-washing and covering coughs are important steps to take. Staying home is important to rest and allow your body to overcome the antigen.

Seasonal changes in weather also play a part in the increase of cold and flu symptoms. With temperatures dropping slightly and winds increasing, catching a draft may cause one to develop a cold.

An old Caymanian tip passed along down through the years suggests one avoid standing in breezy places with wet hair following a shower or swim.

Infants, children and teens, in particular, may be particularly vulnerable as sneezes and colds run rampant through day cares and schools and are brought home. Parents often pick up germs and colds from children who are still developing their immune systems. Kids and teens need help to 
stay healthy.

Maintaining good health and a strong immune system is one’s best proactive decision during flu season and all year. We boost the immune system through the quality of foods we eat, supplementation with vitamins as necessary, proper rest, regular exercise, and a 
positive mental outlook.

Vitamin supplementation, especially in cases of questionable dietary nutritional quality, is supported by medical research. Many people, however, are sceptical about whether vitamin products offer what they say; we have a need to be sceptical, as investigations find that some products do not offer what they propose.

A study done by Oprah magazine concluded that Juice Plus is one of the few products that delivers what it claims. Fruits and vegetables are vitally important foods, and Juice Plus offers an easy way to ensure you reach the daily recommended dietary amount. There are also excellent Gummies for children and options for adults.

We all want to feel good, and with the busy season of Christmas almost here, taking care now will ensure that you remain healthy and can enjoy life to the fullest. Rather than sitting back and waiting for the sniffles to turn into a cold, get positive and become proactive.

Eat well, supplement with proven products such as Juice Plus and develop a mindset of thinking healthy and living well. Bless you, should you sneeze.

Do your friends a favour and don’t hug if you are feeling flu-like.

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