FC International thank SaxonMG

FC International football training camp is extremely grateful to be sponsored by car insurance company SaxonMG.

Founded in 1993, hundreds of youngsters from 6 to 16 from across the Cayman Islands have participated in the football camp learning fundamental skills and athletic leadership.

The programme was set up by the non-profit foundation FC International and coaches have included some of Cayman’s noted athletic figures and speakers at the camp, including two-time Olympian Ronald Forbes.

Many star athletes, community leaders, renowned speakers and business people have served as mentors and speakers. This year SaxonMG sponsored the camp by donating funds to the programme allowing coaches and youths to purchase equipment, uniforms and supplies to run the organisation in its 19th year.

“The kids are an integral part of our community,” said Brian Williams, CEO of SaxonMG. “It’s a great way to give back to families in our local area and has promoted leadership among our youth on an individual level.

“This and other programmes are just the beginning of a host of programmes we will be involved in to inspire and empower the kids of the community.”

FC International’s Kennedy Ebanks said: “Thank you SaxonMG for the support and hard work devoted to our programme. We look forward to many more years together.”

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