New track planned for East End

Drag racing in the Cayman Islands is expected to have new life.

The Cayman Hot Rod Association staged its 2012 Annual General Meeting last Tuesday in South Sound to discuss, among other things, a proposed race track designated for circuit and drag racing.

In a statement prior to the meeting, the association spoke about the buildup to the gathering. The statement reads, “as circumstances have had it, Hurricane Ivan posed a disruption in the normal operations and proceedings of the association. However, the board has been diligently working at achieving our ultimate goal, acquiring the right property to have a proper drag and circuit race track.

“Works and plans to date will be presented along with the usual required board elections on the night. There is high excitement and anticipation in the air. Finally, there are new possibilities for the motorsports here in Cayman and the region.”

According to the association website, the proposed track is to be called High Rock Raceway. It will be located off High Rock Road in East End. The plans illustrate the presence of a 1/4 mile drag strip along with a 2.02m road course with 14 turns in the shape of Grand Cayman. Numerous pit areas are shown along with a large grand stand and extensive parking.

The association, whose new motto is race the strip, not the street, had been looking into a track for years. In 2009, association past president Armando Ebanks made public that the group was looking to build a track at High Rock. The general area of the track was a site for drag racing in the past.

At the time, Ebanks stated the association was in talks with government about the project, which was slated to be 4,000 square feet and up to the latest specifications set out by the National Hot Rod Association. Ebanks stated that the association originally wanted to have the track finished by mid-2009.

The hot rod association calls itself the ‘Cayman motorsports authority’ and is the predecessor to the two other motorsports bodies on Island in the Cayman Islands Drag Racing Association and Cayman Motorsports Association. Both staged meets at the now defunct Breakers Speedway, the 1/8 mile track owned by Robert Campbell.

Breakers held its last official race in December 2011, with local driver Joe Myrie attempting to resurrect the facility for drag racing back in May of this year. The property, which stretches 53 acres, was for sale at 
$2.8 million.

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