Peter will leave Elvis all shook up

One of the hardest working sportsmen in the Caribbean must be Peter ‘Lightning’ Lewison.

Not only does he train like an aspiring world champion in the gym, he spends all his waking hours trying to sell $25 tickets for his next fight, this Saturday 8 December, at the Lion Centre.

Lewison has his fourth bout against the experienced American Elvis Martinez and is so anxious to progress that he is already looking forward to an action packed 2013.

He hopes Elvis does not wear blue suede shoes and will get all shook up and after he is beaten returns to heartbreak hotel.

Lewison spent some time in Harbour Island, Tampa earlier this month getting some invaluable sparring from top pros. He was also eyeing venues for opportunities to promote in Tampa next year.

“I want to be really busy next year, fighting as often as possible in Florida and maybe the Dominican Republic and anywhere else I can get fights,” Lewison said. “I want to cram in as much experience as I can so that I can get up to the 12-bout mark which means I’ll be eligible to fight for the IBF junior-middleweight belt.”

Lewison, 25, has sold over 2,000 but wants many more than that so there is a great atmosphere. He is also relying on ticket sales for his income which is why he works so hard to shift them.

He has been sparring mainly with Jesse Bodden at the D Dalmain Ebanks gym. Lightning’s Intercontinental NBA belt will not be on the line against Martinez but he is nevertheless intent on keeping his knock out record going.

“I had to lose 40 pounds to get down to 160 pounds and I’m almost there,” he said. “The undercard includes ‘Silky’ Wilky Campfort who will fight a tough Jamaican Anthony Osbourne and there will be a heavyweight fight from the United States.

“Hopefully, Troy O’Neil will be making his professional debut depending on how his training goes with his knee injury. There will be four professional fights and some white collar bouts.

“I have performing the Jamaican singer Munga who had a hit with Wine Pon It. One of his songs on YouTube has over two million views.

“I’m very grateful to my sponsors who include Andreas Ugland, AI Rentals, Massive, Celebrations, The Real Estate Company, Sunshine Suites, National Concrete, the Water Authority, Coconut Car Rental, Cayman National Bank, Magnum Jewellers, Rhino Rebar, Cayman Distributors, Cayman Airways, Fastsigns, DHL and Tony’s Toys.

“Manny Pacquiao is fighting Juan Manuel Marquez that night so we’re organising a big screen to show the fight. That should really add to the entertainment.”

Tickets, $25, are available at Reflections, CashWiz on the Waterfront or Pet Barn and Hair Gallery or phone Peter Lewison on 325-0092 or email: [email protected]

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