Truth for Youth celebrates ‘Reading Week’


Students and staff at the Truth for Youth School celebrated “Reading Week” from 13 to 16 November. 

The observance of reading week at the school featured parents and grandparents sharing folktales from countries worldwide, a presentation of songs and poems by students, as well as presentations from authors such as Nasaria Suckoo-Chollette. 

“It is a well-known fact that reading is one of the most vital tools that indicates a child’s progress in learning. It forms the base for learning the other subjects and cannot in anyway, be separated from general academic achievement,” noted Teacher Patricia Harris. 

She added that poor readers are prevented from making the transition from learning to reading to learn.  

“This prevents them from exploring the various pieces of information presented in print, denying them valuable access to the wealth of knowledge that books have to offer,” Mrs. Harris said. 

The rationale behind the school’s celebration of reading week was to cultivate enthusiasm for reading in students from pre-kindergarten to grade 6. Objectives included building student’s confidence in reading, stimulating an interest in reading, promoting literacy and learning through inquiry and creating an avenue for students to express themselves. 

During the week, a book drive was also undertaken in which books were dropped off. 

Mrs. Harris said some tips that may be employed to encourage youngsters to read include: Reading with and for your child; listening while he or she shares a story; encouraging your child to join a library or swap books; making a family night or story reading and writing night; and allowing your child to choose his or her books at the library or book store. 

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