Beth’s wedding didn’t slow her

If a casual observer of marathon records looked at the results of the latest Cayman Islands Intertrust Marathon they would think that a new person won the women’s race. 

Not so. Beth Florek took the 26.2 mile title for the fifth successive time but in the previous four runs it was under her maiden name of Schreader.  

The 32-year-old accountant from Toronto had an unorthodox build up to the race – a full week of wedding preparations and getting married two days before the race.  

Nevertheless, she ran superbly again, coming fifth overall and finished in a extremely respectable time. Maybe wearing blushing pink and a garter boosted the bride’s energy too. 

Weather conditions were favourable, slightly overcast, relatively cool and occasionally drizzly. Still tough all the way. All marathons are.  

“It’s never comfortable but it was a lot better than I expected given that we had a whole wedding week of events leading up to today,” Florek smiled.  

“I just got married on Friday so it’s only 36 hours from getting married to doing the race.  

“There was a lot of spending time with family, which is great but also a lot of eating at restaurants and drinking, which I wouldn’t normally do before a race.  

“I was a little concerned but I was going to find out around mile 15 to 20 that I just didn’t have it but it turned out really well.  

“I ran 3 hours 12 minutes 06 seconds which is actually two minutes faster than last year so maybe the message is to eat out at restaurants and have some drinks! 

“This time of year the weather is fantastic. We’re usually out of the rainy season, the humidity drops and we wanted to get married in 2012 (after five years of dating) and if we did it this weekend I could run under the new last name of Florek. And he was quite keen for that.”  

New husband Dan, who is an American from Boston, is a rugby player and has been in this paper a few times – but obviously not as much as wifey.  

“I knew he was the one when he could put up with all my maratPhon training,” she quipped. “We had 52 members of our families and friends come down. It was really nice because it was the first time they had met each other.  

“Everyone had a great week. They all stayed at Plantation Village and hung out all week together. And there were no fights!  

“They met and still allowed us to get married so that was a good sign.” 

Thankfully, Florek will not slow down on the marathon scene as a newlywed.  

“I keep saying I’m not gonna do any more marathons but I am registered for Boston in April. I’ve done that one five years in a row and got a lot of friends to meet up with. As of now that is on 
my schedule.”   

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